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VoC Hub and SandSIV Support Center are SaaS (software as a service) applications that run in a Web browser.

There is an important difference between two parts of VoC Hub:

  • VoC Hub backend is accessed by company employees where they can add/change/modify surveys and access results of surveys.
  • VoC Hub frontend is accessed by end users who are responding to the surveys.


Supported desktop browsers for VoC Hub backend (survey management)

The backend of VoC Hub supports the current and prior major stable release of Chrome and Firefox.

This means that if you use a browser other than those listed below, we cannot guarantee that you can use all features or even are able to access the backend at all.

Download Download
Google Chrome Firefox


Supported desktop browsers for VoC Feedback frontend (end users)

The requirements for the frontend of VoC Feedback which is used by end users to fill out survey responses and also for the SandSIV Support Center site are lower. Browsers are expected to be set to default settings and as a result features such as Javascript, CSS and cookies are expected to be enabled.

We recommend and officially support the current and prior major release of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer on a rolling basis.

Important note about Internet Explorer support: Microsoft ended support for older versions of Internet Explorer on January 12th, 2016

Download Download Download Download Download
Google Chrome Firefox Safari Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer


Minimum requirements for mobile browsers

You can access VoC Hub backend and frontend from a mobile device. 

VoC Hub backend should work on devices with touch input, however, such scenario is not officially supported.

For VoC Hub frontend, mobile browser support depends on a couple of factors:

  • If the survey layout is "responsive", i.e. has certain CSS and/or JS code to adapt the layout to mobile devices and the "Allow Mobile Template" is set to "Off" then it is up to the layout to deliver the proper experience to the customer
  • If the survey layout is not "responsive" you can optionally enable "Allow Mobile Template" which will make VoC Feedback rewrite the page to a custom mobile-optimized layout
  • If the survey layout is not "responsive" and you set "Allow Mobile Template" to "No" then a desktop version of the layout will be delivered to the end user.


Supported browsers for Zendesk Help Center

Please see this article for more information.


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