Issues with SMS response channel in VoC Feedback

Transparency of communication is a crucial and very important point for us. We're actively sharing our investigations of issues when they are discovered. We're posting post-mortems in issues to ensure the trust of our customers in our products and processes is consistently maintained.
SandSIV has certain monitoring processes established in various places of our interconnected system of various solutions. This includes the SMS channel. Unfortunately, our current monitoring solution was unable to notify us about an ongoing issue with the SMS response channel. We would like to share the details of this issue and the current status of investigation process.
SandSIV began migration of our customers to new version of VoC Feedback in the late December 2016. This is a multi-stage process and each instance is being upgraded individually because of custom processes used by our customers.
On January 10th 2017 it was discovered that the SMS response channel is not working properly. Initially, SandSIV made an assumption that this situation occurred due to individual customer SMS gateway issues. As the investigation process proceeded it was found out that the actual reason behind this issue is a problem in an internal queuing mechanism which is used across our upgraded customers for SMS channel.
The exact cause of this issue is currently being investigated.
SMS channel is a very important communication channel with their clients for our customers. Resolving this issue is a top priority for us. We apologize for the lack of transparent communication about an issue with a critical part of VoC Hub infrastructure.
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