SandSIV services and the SSL Heartbleed bug

On Monday April 7th 2014, it was publicly announced that a vulnerability was discovered in a widely deployed SSL library: OpenSSL. This vulnerability has been dubbed the Heartbleed bug. The SSL library that was compromised by Heartbleed is used in SandSIVs VoC Hub infrastructure.

What we have done to address the threat

Immediately upon public disclosure of this vulnerability by the OpenSSL Project, SandSIV patched the affected components of its web infrastructure and thereby removed the Heartbleed vulnerability from our servers.

We are also actively monitoring our systems and the ongoing release of information about Heartbleed, so that we may respond rapidly to any additional developments. We will continue to update this article with new information as it becomes available.  Click the Subscribe button on this page to get notified on updates.

What can you do

In some rare cases our customers are hosting their SandSIV VoC Hub on own servers with own infrastructure. In these cases our customers have to update the systems on their own to ensure that the Heartbleed vulnerability has been removed.

We also recommend that you change your password for your SandSIV Voc Hub login.

If you have any question according to the SSL Heartbleed bug, contact our support team

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