Scheduled database maintenance on 24.04.2014 02:00-06:00 CET

In order to provide a reliable service for you, we have to maintain our systems regularly. For this reason, we will have a scheduled service interruption in the following time:

Start: 24.04.2014 02:00 a.m CET
End: 24.04.2014 06:00 a.m CET
Reason: database maintenance

During this period the entire VoC platform will be unavailable. It will not be possible to add or change surveys or to send invites. Furthermore, it will not be possible to answer to existing and running surveys.

SandSIV is launching a new Support Center for all customers by April 28th 2014. We will contact you during the next week with more details. Follow our Support Team on Twitter to get the latest updates:

Thanks & regards
Your SandSIV Support-Team

[Update 24.04.2014] The scheduled tasks have been accomplished without any service interruption. We will have to schedule additional maintenance tasks on 24.04.2014 03:30-07:00 CET with a very short interruption at 04:00 CET.

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