Outage VoC Feedback on November 25th 2014

We experienced a service disruption on Tuesday November 25th 2014, which affected VoC Feedback. During this incident the VoC Feedback back-end for managing surveys was not available. The period of disruption began at 20:00 CET on November 25th 2014 and lasted until 22:00 CET the same day.


The cause of the service disruption was an issue between Cloudflare - our partner for securing VoC Feedback against attacks - and our systems. As a result of this the communication between our VoC Feedback back-end and Cloudflare was cut.

Post Mortem

Our system admins and operations team investigated the issue. After the root cause was determined we were able to solve the issue at 22:00 CET on Tuesday November 25th 2014. As a lesson learned we introduced further maintenance steps to detect similar issues sooner and mitigate their impact or even avoid them completely in the future.

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